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A Horse Tale

My buddy Chuck called me up the other day and said he had found a new spot on the river, it was a large area with tons of gravel that looked almost untouched. I haven't had a day off during the week to go fossilin since my trip to C.A. , so I was ready to move some serious gravel with Chuck, he's quite the digging machine.In fact I think that will be his new nickname "dign machine". Since he already had his canoe loaded up from the previous day, I headed over to his house in the morning and we headed up river. It was a perfect day, mid 70's , overcast skies and low humidity. The gavel bar was just as he said, we stared sifting and finding stuff almost imediately. It's not uncommon to find horse teeth but we were finding 1 or 2 in almost every screen, sometimes more. There was a few shark teeth mixed in but seemed we kept saying "I got another horse tooth _I got another-I got another.....". By the end of the day we had just over 100 horse teeth between the two of us. I never found so many in one day in one spot, and there is alot more gravel left to go through. I wouldn't doubt we end up with over 1000 by the time we work this whole bar. We did find sime other cool stuff, dm found a nice saber cat molar.
Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added1/5/2007

My haul for the day
dign machine's load
awesome saber cat molar, truly a rare find

S = ∫(tj, tj+1) dt L(x(t), ∂x(t)/∂t)
S = ∫(tj, tj+1) dt L(x(t), ∂x(t)/∂t)
Spring Break Peace River Trip
Spring Break Peace River Trip
Peace River 12/02/2007
Peace River 12/02/2007





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