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Memorial Day at Purse

Leaving later than planned, I arrived along the Potomac around 11, which unfortunately was only an hour or so before high tide. Frustrated that I would have so little beach to search and would have to sieve most of the time, I begin hunting and soon found a menagerie of small, unimpressive teeth. Some other people began showing up, some looking for fossils which made the day even less perfect. However, I did happen to find what I believe is a small, beat up Paleocarcharodon, a fairly rare find. Also, I did manage to find the smallest croc tooth (not pictured) I've ever seen, even though it is missing its root, it still measures only a hair over 1/4". After a few hours I had to call it a day in order for me to be back in time for my neighborhood's Memorial Day BBQ, but I was content, not so much for the teeth I found, but for finally being able to go out and hunt for the first time in a few weeks.
Location Potomac River, Maryland, USA

Date Added5/31/2008


Feb-Jun Along the Potomac
Feb-Jun Along the Potomac
Mrs. Daryl (Kelly) scores big !
Mrs. Daryl (Kelly) scores big !
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