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Not Potomac but 3 miles inland

While in the search for things you will sometimes step onto something completely unexpected. The place I visited is in Charles County a few miles inland from the river. I'll admit I dont know the 1st thing about Aqui formations or even if I spelled it right. I could tell that there was Turitella present. If that's not the species then It would be something larger then the Miocene I'm use to. Some of them as large as 8-10 inches long. 6 inches was common. The "oyster shells" or what looked like oyster shells were huge. One almost the size of a dinner plate.


I know the one question on your mind....Did I find any other fossils? The answer is yes. I managed to find a single shark tooth. To a Miocene collector it appeared to be some kind of sand tiger. Sadly the tooth was lost that same day in a friends gravel driveway. Black and very sharp.


I returned for a second time with a strainer but was unable to uncover anything.

Location Potomac River, Maryland, USA

Date Added10/7/2008

This is a picture looking west down the creek.
turitella everywhere???
another ground shot

Couple of nice trips to the river
Couple of nice trips to the river
Potomac River Tiny Treasures
Potomac River Tiny Treasures
Wildlife yes, Fossils not so much
Wildlife yes, Fossils not so much





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