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Diving Between Fronts

We had a strong SW wind along the Gulf Coast all last week and the visibility off the beach was terrible. I waited it out as long as could, but with a TS heading our way, I figured that the visibility was only going to get worse and be bad for a long time. I used two tanks and got a solid 3 hours of bottom time. The visibility was better as you got further off the beach, the best was maybe 2 - 3 feet (until I got to rooting around and then it went to zero). I mostly found bulls, sand tigers, and lemons. I also picked up sting ray spine pieces and ray teeth. I picked up two partial megs, with one having a complete base and HEAVY feeding damage. This particular tooth is is cool because it is broken and smooth all along the working surfaces, but the base is not warn at all. I also found a few tigers and dusky teeth, and a broken horse tooth. It was a good score considering the conditions and the approaching storm. -Gman
Location Sarasota County, Florida, USA

Date Added6/8/2005


Exiled to the fossil grounds!
Exiled to the fossil grounds!
Anniversary Diving
Anniversary Diving
Bringing the BRFC Rivrdigr Fest to the Digr!
Bringing the BRFC Rivrdigr Fest to the Digr!





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