December 5, 2021  
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5" Meg

My wife found this gem on our very first trip into the mine back in (I think) November 2004. It was found on what the guides referred to as ‘seal hill,’ over on the far left side of the collecting area (as one went down the ramp), nearest the highwall.

We didn’t even have a camera, so we didn’t get the ground shot. Since it was found fairly late in the day, anyway, and as badly as we were both shaking, I doubt the pic would have been any good, regardless!

The serrations along one side, from just below the root lobe nearly to the broken tip, were barely exposed… in a footprint!!

Age Pliocene Epoch
Category Shark Teeth
Formation Yorktown Formation
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA
Species Carcharocles megalodon
Length 5 inches
Width 3 7/8 inches

Date Added6/1/2009

Note the interesting parallel marks just above the bourlette...

2 9/16" Megalodon Tooth
2 9/16" Megalodon Tooth
3 1/2" Megalodon Tooth
3 1/2" Megalodon Tooth
4 1/4" Megalodon Tooth
4 1/4" Megalodon Tooth





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