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Today I headed out to JCC to try and catch the ten am low tide. I got to the dock around nine and started the long paddle down the James. The water was low and calm. I got to my spot around nine forty five, stashed the yak and started down the beach. What a beautiful day, 88 and breezy. Teeth were coming slow, it took me twenty minuets before I found the first one. It was a tiger shark tooth, nice size and color. Then nothing for about an hour. The wind was starting to pick up a bit and the sun was starting to beat down a lot. I found another nice tiger and a small lower back Mako, (I think).
Five hours had gone by and the tide was coming in. I was starting to daydream about whoppers so I decided to turn back, it's still about a hour to the dock. On the way back to the yak I found the nicest tooth of the day, a gnarly Mako with a little feeding damage. GOOD TOOTH! I needed that.
That's the way this side of the river is, teeth are hit or miss but when you do find one it usually has a little size to it. By the time I got back to the yak the surf had gotten a lot rougher. The paddle back was a lot harder than the trip there. The waves crashing on to my lap one after another. The water was rather warm for the end of April but so was the sun. I had to stop and dump out the boat every ten minuets or so. By the time I got back to the dock I had been out for six hours, I was soaked and sun burned. I stopped at BK on the way home fulfilling the promise I had made to myself earlier. I didn't find that many teeth today but it was still a great day on the James.
I will sleep well tonight.
Location Surry County, Virginia, USA

MemberDown by the banks
Date Added4/28/2009

all day
Mako other side.
better pic


nice finds - 5/4/2009
Reviewer : Govinn from Virginia United States
Total Rating : No Rating
Nice post. I went this weekend and need to get my butt in gear and post the pics. I'm thinking about getting a kayak.... maybe we can plan a trip on the river one day.
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