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April showers

This area I hunted was pretty picked over until the rains came and washed out the gravel.  Also the local dirt bikers ripped up some of the pit allowing more gravel to show.  I went a day after my father and brother to this location, and had decent luck.  They found some nice teeth including a few nice ptychodus teeth, and a couple nice cretoxyrhina teeth.  My luck started by finding a nice 1/2 inch ptychodus anonymus tooth in someone elses foot print.  Alot of the ground is being covered quickly by grass and bluebonnet flowers, so hunting areas are shrinking.
Location Tarrant County, Texas, USA

Date Added4/13/2007


Fossil Hunting on the Good Lands of Texas (literally)....
Fossil Hunting on the Good Lands of Texas (literally)....
Old Quarry
Old Quarry
Mansfield TX Pit
Mansfield TX Pit





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