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C&D Thunder   C and D Canal, Delaware, USA

I had a work event in the Wilmington area a few weeks ago so afterwards my goal was to do some collecting along the C&D Canal for a few hours.  Unfortunately for me, strong severe thunderstorms were predicted that day, and as my luck would have it they began as I walked out of the door for work.

C&Deja view   C and D Canal, Delaware, USA
Two weeks ago I revisited the spoil piles along the C&D canal. The results were more of the same, belemnites, pelecypods and small oyster shells of the Late Cretaceous.I walked the area surface hunting for 1 1/2 hours and then sifted to try to find some smaller things. The best was a small fossilized borrow or casing 1/2" long and 1/8" in diameter. Nothing great but a good time in the Delaware sun.
C&D=B (belemnites)   C and D Canal, Delaware, USA
For a getaway weekend my wife chose a quaint B&B in Chesapeake City on theC&D Canal. But my sights were set on the spoil piles near Delaware City on the east end of the canal. They contain material from the Late Cretaceous period 65-85 m.y. Luck was with me, the area was being prepared for dredging and two big basins were formed for the spoil. It was like fossil hunting in a big sandbox. Belemnites were very common. Mostly broken, the biggest abo...






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