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Havelock   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
With a brief lull in my daughter’s volleyball schedule and my wife working I found myself in the unusual position of being able to fossil hunt on back-to-back weekends. My daughter was away on a mission trip in Costa Rica which left my son and I with the whole day to ourselves. Wanting to try some place new, we decided to make the trip out to Havelock. We arrived at the parking lot at around 12:30 and were immediately greeted by the sounds of juvenile ospreys in a nest about 200’ from the car. A...
East NC hunting   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
I did not just go to the aurora festival, there was a place i used to hunt with my father years prior we called shark tooth island( not realy an island i know). since i cant get on base any more i had to park at pine cliff rec area and walk about two miles to get there. no prob it was beautiful. any ways here are the pics and if you live near by check it out my father and i have found many many nice teeth including nice huge great whites and the occasional meg. we ave found 4 and 5 incers around...
Short trip to Belgrade   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
Decided to make a short trip to Belgrade the other day after a few days rest from hunting up in MD last week. Ill be posting them a little later. We didn't do all that bad, well at least my wife didn't do that bad. She ended up getting real nice Nurse Shark. I'm still not a 100% sure of the exact kind but i will figure that out this week. She also found a couple Chubitensis or Angy's. Hard to tell because at Belgrade it has reworked Oligocene. The biggest one measures 2 3/4" and the smaller...
short Belgrade trip   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
Well i had another day away from the wife while she was at work.  So i decided to go back to the Belgrade Quarry and give it a try.  The day wasn't very productive until the last five minutes.  I found the small angy first looking real nice on the ground but then as i picked it up it didnt look so good but i was still happy with it and made the trip.  Then as i was walking back to the Jeep there was a nice blade just sticking out.  At first i thought ...
Redemption   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

This is a couple of trips combined from last week and this week.  With all the butt whoopin that my wife has been putting on me I had to try and redeem myself after Lafarge.  I finally did that this week with another big Meg and a complete ray plate.  They may not be as rare or as nice but they work for me.  Until next time.....Happy Hunting!!!!!!

What a TER"RIC"FIC Day!!!!!!!   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

The wife and I decided to hit up one of our olds spots last weekend since there has been so much rain we thought it may have washed out some teeth.  We were right!!!!!  It seemed like the teeth never stopped.  We didn’t get any good Megs but we did score quit a few rics.  We both also found a horse tooth.  And I found my first scute at this site.  Not sure if it’s a ray or croc scute ...

Another Trifecta Day!!!   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

This past Saturday was the BRFC Aurora trip that my wife kicked my butt in.  Not so on Sunday though.  We decided to hit one of our spots that we haven’t hit up for awhile.  With all the rain we have had in the past few weeks w...

The Sweetness   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

This was another fun road trip with Da f0ssz to North Carolina. We met up with Brsr0131 to go hunt at a quarry. I was excited to be able to hunt on new toothing grounds in another local. I had a fantastic day and I kept flipping t...

Catching up on some trips.   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

Haven't posted much lately due to the lack of being able to hunt with it raining almost every weekend.  But we did manage to get a couple days in last month that weren't to bad.  The best find of both days I would have to say is the just about perfect cow shark tooth that the wife found but she picked it up and ran over to me with it so I couldnt get the ground shot.  This is a first complete one from this location and only the second ever fo...

Eocene pickin's   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
Not bad for 30 minutes collecting, eh? I sat down to look through a small patch of promising sand, and picked up a healthy number if teeth, including some nice, largish Isurus praecursor and even an Alopias hermani--my first! The big shark disc I believe is from a Rick, as it closely resembles the meg verts I've seen from Lee Creek....
Big ol' Rick   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
An end of day find when I was busy looking for echinoids. Peristence pays off!...
Happy New Year!!!   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

Finally got a day off to go out and hunt on New Year's since I had the day off.  Not one of the better day but we ended up finding a couple if decent great whites.  I found the first one about 30 min into the hunt, after that it was gravy mode.  The wife found the biggest after a few hours and turned the day into gravy mode for her.  The rest of the time we didn’t find too much. Maybe if we ge...

Playing in the mud.....   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

The wife and I decided to do a little hunting last weekend after the rain.  We probably should have waited a week or so because it was so muddy.  But I couldn't wait knowing with the large amount of rain that we received that there would be big teeth sitting right on top.  This day wasn't that case; it seems that the rain covered up all the teeth that would have been out there and instead we ended up s...

Darn....No more hills.   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

Last weekend we went out to check out our hills that we found the big megs at about a month ago.  When we got there we discovered that they have been moved.  We found the usual stuff and a couple broken re-worked megs.  Then as it always works with us when we were walking back to the car I looked down and found a small angy/ric??  Almost perfect except for one nicked serration.  M...

NC Oligocene finds   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
As a perk of my job, I am sometimes able to get into quarries that normally do not allow any collecting. Last weekend, I was able to do exactly that. I didn't find anything spectacular, but did pick up a few interesting teeth: 8 Pristis sp. sawfish rostral teeth, a Notorynchus, several Isurus praecursor, a Hemipristis curvatus upper lateral, and a few other small teeth. In addition, I found a crocodile tooth (Thecachampsa?) and an unknown tooth (lower left). All were from the Oligocen...
The hills have teeth   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
Went out last weekend for a drive to look for new hunting grounds.  We came to one spot where there were some hills and we started to look.  We didnt really find that much except for one nice Great White.  So we walked for a ways and found some more hills and I was very sceptical because there was alot of sand in the material.  But when we got to the top, we found the first meg.  It was sitting right on top!  So we started looking more closer...
Sometimes you don't find fossils...   Craven County, North Carolina, USA

I had a group of really good friends on the charter boat but the weather was lousy so I took them to a river near New Bern to try for some auriculatus teeth.  They loaded up on the bottles.  I found 2 teeth and a GAT!

I'll be turning it in to the Sherriff's Department next time I am in the area.

Eocene Shark Teeth, Craven County, NC   Craven County, North Carolina, USA
I'm lucky enough to live within close driving distance of more than a few of the Martin Marietta limestone quarries--which extract the Eocene Castle Hayne limestone for use as aggregate, rip-rap and cement--and I try to hit them every couple of weeks. It's a rare opportunity to go "hard rock" fossiling in eastern NC. The Castle Hayne Limestone subcrops in an area from Greenville eastward into the Atlantic Ocean, and southward into SC. Here are a few photos of my most recent 2 trips...






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