February 6, 2023  
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Researching the past.   Florence County, South Carolina, USA
In preparation for a book on South Carolina dinosaurs I visited some of the original Cretaceous sites cited in old documents. One was a site on the Great Pee Dee River in Florence County. The site was documented over a hundred years ago and reported belemnites from a newly named Pee Dee Formation. I took some pictures and recorded the type location with a GPS reading that will be in the book. I also took a few belemnoids from the exposed layer for the museum. ...
Late Christmas   Florence County, South Carolina, USA
Mrs. Bum decided to take the day off from work. That meant that for part of the afternoon she would lay back in the over stuffed Lazy Boy chair I bought for her last Christmas and take a long nap in my den. It also meant that I would have to be very quiet for a few hours. So I decided to go out into my lab and finish up a few projects. I had just finished screening the last of my Early Eocene material. I didn't want to start on another casting project just yet. So I went to my cabinet where I st...
Dino squirrels   Florence County, South Carolina, USA
At the end of the cretaceous period the mammals were still small and scampering underfoot. One of the more successful groups were the multituberculates. They were small and probably very agile critters. They probably filled most of the ecological niches that today are the domain of modern squirrels. They survived long after the dinosaurs. But in the end they too became extinct. During the last decade there have been several South Carolina sites that have produced dinosaur material. It's all from...






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