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What a trip this was!!!

Gas for the trip…… $100

Hotel for three nights….. $250

Five nice Rics….. Priceless!!


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been out there hitting the beaches. My internet connection is really slow and it takes a long time to upload pics to post, so given the decision to post a trip report for a couple of hours or go find some more teeth…. the report loses out, sorry. OK, on with the show…


I was looking over some of the older threads the other day and decided to make a trip to NC to check out Onslow Quarry… I contacted Megornot, and he was more than helpful with giving me the scoop on what I should look for and how to get to where I was going. I knew that MikeDOTB lived down there so I asked him to join me.


It was my birthday last week, and I was asked by my significant other what I wanted. I told her that I would like 7 days of fossil hunting anywhere I wanted to go without any complaining about me being gone. She said OK. I was stoked, so I started planning my next trip. I hit Westmoreland State Park (I plan on making another trip report for that later on). I did pretty good, but I couldn’t wait to get down to Onslow. I knew it was going to rain the following weekend so I figured that I would get there as soon as I could. MikeDOTB took off work and we hit the quarry.


Our first day was going alright so far, but this was something new to us and it took a little while to figure out where we were supposed to be hunting to find the teeth. It was neat walking around and looking for blades and roots sticking out of the ground. It reminded me a lot of my trip to Lee Creek. Most of the teeth were reworked teeth which made me think of GMR. In fact, my first nice find of the day was what appears to be a reworked Ric. Several cool finds began to follow. It was around 4pm and we had to start heading out for the day. On the way out I said to myself “They say that you sometimes find your best tooth on the way out.” I swear that it wasn’t 30 seconds later I looked down and there was a Ric laying out sunbathing… I said “NO WAY!!!” and bent down to take a picture of it. It weighed in at 3.3” with a little feeding damage. The cusps were perfect and slanted back a little which makes them hard to see in the picture. What a wonderful way to end the day! Megornot met us at the quarry’s office, and I showed him what I found. It was nice meeting him. He is a really nice guy who is very willing to help out other fossil collectors. MikeDOTB did pretty good too. He found what would have been a 6+” Meg. It was busted a little, but still made me jealous especially since I walked right by it. He also found a REALLY nice Ric.


Our second day we continued to walk around and look for more teeth. We both found some really cool fossils like deer antlers, horse teeth, and a wide assortment of shark teeth. I ended up finding two more Rics and an Archaeocete premolar (Zygorhiza kochii to be exact), but it was missing the roots. I was so excited by the days’ end.


We pretty much cleaned out the quarry until some more weathering, so I decided to hit Aurora the next day. Not much to report there because I like to surface collect and it was apparent that someone else beat me to it.


In conclusion, I would like to thank Megornot for giving me the 411 on another great place to collect (Onslow Quarry), and MikeDOTB for joining me for a few days of fun in the sun.

Location Onslow County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added1/23/2010

Some of my best finds of the trip
The cusps are not visible from the front because they are tucked under the root. Check these bad boys out!!
Just to confirm the length...
Here is a mixture of teeth. Great Whites on top, Makos on bottom, and a varity of teeth in the center. Note the crow shark teeth on the left...
There are all kinds of cool fossils in this mine. Deer antlers, turtle shells, and horse teeth are pictured here.
Lots of cool colored teeth

Second trip to Onslow Quarry
Second trip to Onslow Quarry
Quick trip down to onlsow county
Quick trip down to onlsow county
Teeth of many colors
Teeth of many colors

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