September 21, 2020  
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Quick trip down to onlsow county

Me and the wife figured we would head down to the onlsow quarry yesterday, it was her birthday and she wanted to look some teeth somewhere besides GMR so we rode down there. Besides my grandparents live only about 20 miles from richlands. We really didnt know what to do or where to dig, so we just surface hunted for about 2 hours, and honestly in 94 degree weather we made about 3 rounds of the whole area and it was time to leave.

We did ok I think we found a nice one at 3" a reworked meg and what looks like a meg blade. The big 3 inchers was sticking root up out of the mud and is as light as a piece of paper, I guess the sun dried it up.

Anyway I think we are going back next friday if anyone wants to join us.

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Location Onslow County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added7/17/2010


Back in Action!!!!!
Back in Action!!!!!
Getting ready for Lee Creek at Richlands
Getting ready for Lee Creek at Richlands
Teeth of many colors
Teeth of many colors

Some bigger teeth. - 7/18/2010
Reviewer : DeloiVarden from South Carolina United States
Total Rating : 10
That meg blade must have been a pretty big tooth when complete. Just about anyday looking for fossils is a good one. I think it is great that you and your wife look together. My wife and I surf together, but her allergies mean I am usually searching alone or with some of my friends. She likes looking at what I bring back though and claims a few for her collection and jewelry making. Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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