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Friends in Low Places

Did BRFC go country? Maybe we did for a day, but since we are all about the teeth that’s no problem…. Naturally, I will have convolute some word, song or a combination thereof….Blame it all on my paleo roots, I showed up in boots, and scored some serrated treasures….I wasn’t the only to rack, so we had to celebrate with Mexican taste-bud pleasures…OK, enough of that I suppose. This trip turned out to reunite three of the four original BRFC-ers as ThaDude joined in for an old school hunt. Rumor has it that there was a fifth original member, but I think until I see photographic or other objective evidence I will chalk it up to an urban legend…“Back to toothin” as once said by fellow carachocles comarade, DW amidst my silliness.

We decided to explore new potential spots….we found one decent area with a nice Chandler formation below the Hawthorne and collected there first. I managed one decent angy, but chipped the root a bit with my shovel. Hey, the only way to never damage some teeth is to not collect at all. And we all know that’s not happening. We explored some more with little luck until we found some fresh fossil bearing material that looked promising. Gravel…teeth…some bones...time to git-R-done as they say. Within about 10 minutes I had a nice smaller angy and a couple of squalodon teeth partials…lots of smaller teeth coming out. We stayed at this spot the remainder of the day and the finds were show-weeet! I flipped out a larger angy but the tip was dinged from feeding damage. DW was racking up also…he had bagged two choice angys; thaDude got his groove back too and was finding teeth after his thaw from the Empire State. Near the end of the day I got into “one more tooth” mode and it paid off. A wickedly colored complete angy with a sharp tip that is truly case-worthy! Maybe I can think of a Big and Rich lyric convolution sometime in the future?? ….Their evaluation of our carcharocles reputation…had…??...one thing for sure...we aint skeerd!

1 available
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added3/8/2014

The haul from exploring!
Beautiful angy! Streaks are amazing!
Pair of angys...from different layers.

The mud teaches me a lesson
The mud teaches me a lesson
Surprise Guests and a Trip to Remember
Surprise Guests and a Trip to Remember





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