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A Cool Change

Early Fall on Edisto is often a dry time; warm during the day but a hint of coolness in the air; even as her dark waters cool (use your finest Sothron voice) the thought of paleo treasures entices us to get one more hunt in. This time a mid-week dive was in order with DW and Gregalodon. With those tannin stained waters (in Sothron voice) beckoning we donned our SCUBA gear for perhaps the last time this season. The visibilty was not great; about a 1 foot maybe 2...head bumping into logs if swimming too fast (yeah, I did it). After a while I found an undisturbed gravel bed and fanned the thick formation all the way down to the Chanlder Bridge layer. I was fortunate to hit a concetrated fossil bed and had a bag-filler day with some nice shark teeth including best angy of the year, horse teeth, a nice croc tooth and a squalodon jaw section sans teeth. It was a great way to end the season on the River....see yall next 'yaeeer'....

1 available
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added10/2/2012

Frags and Misc fossils
Nice fossil croc tooth

Racking my dreams
Racking my dreams
Dad of Year Nomination Cancelled
Dad of Year Nomination Cancelled
Hey Chuck Norris, Here Comes BRFC !!
Hey Chuck Norris, Here Comes BRFC !!





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