December 17, 2017  
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There are too fossils in Myrtle Beach...Fat Boy!

Taking off from my Florida post( I attempted to fly back to my homeland of CT by my friends' private jet (air Ed). If I only knew...... Everything was set as we flew off from Ft. Lauderdale to land at our midpoint of Myrtle Beach, SC. to refuel and eat Lunch. After an hour and a half, we board the plane. As I buckle, our pilot calls to me, "We got a problem, Andrew help me over here!" I rush out the plane only to see Ed with a huge bucket filling rapidly with jet fuel. Ten minutes of constant dumping and we finally called a mechanic. It turns out that he accidently knocked clean the fuel valve. It would take until tuesday for the part to come (It was Friday). What to do in Myrtle Beach you ask....Well Fossiling that's what! Even though our hotel was a stone's throw away from virtual rides, a movie theater, and bars/clubs as far as the eye could see, we were on a tight schedule because of heavy rainstorms to come in on the night. We ask the front desk where the beach was. Her answer was almost as surprising of our answer that we were walking there. It was two miles of walking by my best friend through 15 mph winds on a busy highway with doubt if we were even going the right way. We would run for as long as we could, rest, then run again, trying desperate to beat the storm. Between our runs, my friend says,"Watch there aren't even any fossils on the beach, only dead fish and turtles" to which I responded "There are too fossils at Myrtle Beach.....Fat boy!" quoting Kyle which is ironic because I am the fat one. After 30 minutes, we could smell the sea. We finally made it. I rushed to the water in search of the divine shark's tooth. I passed by tons of wicked shells, phosphate pebbles, only stopping to pick up the occasional whale bone or "turtle head" and to help identify my friend's "fossils" which all turned out to be strange shaped/colored shells. It wasn't untill half an hour since we started that I finally located a shark's tooth in the gravel near the shore. It was small and missing some root, but it was a tooth none the less. My friend I guess then got bored and started to chase the hundreds of seagulls that conjugate there. He told me to check up higher on the beach on less checked grounds. I was skeptical because it was low tide, but I agreed. It was the right move too. I checked the man-made drainage ditches, finding sharks teeth on the minute (most just pieces I might add). I located a lot of Olive shells when it started to look ugly. We decided that after I check the next ditch and I find a tooth, we would make the trip back. After 3 or 4 ditches, I finally located the tooth and find of the day, a Beautiful cusped Sand Tiger. The trip back was like a war zone. It was raining side ways and the wind was blowing the neigborhood sideways- leaves, trash, cars, people, etc....We finally made it back with little to no Lightning damage. I was too happy to care. The next day, we decide to rent a truck to drive us the 12 and a half hours back home. What a trip. What have I learned? When you stop for a rest near a fossilin' spot, the fossilin' gods draw you there and will not let you leave until you hunt it. Thanks!
Location Horry County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/8/2012

The Hull of the day
The shark material.
Really nice Sand Tiger possibly Carcharias Koerti
Baby baaaaaby "elder" folk ain't got nothin' on these youngling eyes!
Denticle? Shark? Ray? Sturgeon?
Bones of the trip. (Top-left to right) Whale bone fragment, fish palate, turtle shell, bird vert. with the flesh still on it, fish skull? and a random bone.
Weird coral head?
A cool BMW front piece to look sexy in my room.

Myrtle Beach Sept 16-20th
Myrtle Beach Sept 16-20th
Myrtle Beach 8/8 - 8/16
Myrtle Beach 8/8 - 8/16





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