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Diving a different river...

Yesterday I was nice outside and although the water is getting colder now I wanted to be diving for teeth ! We headed out to a river I hadn't been in yet. When we arrived the water looked bad. It was cloudy and when I hit the bottom I could see nothing. Zero visibility and super strong current ! Well I started feeling around in the murk and found a few whale verts, but nothing else the first dive. The second tank the visibility was tolerable, but unfortunately the teeth were hard to come by in this spot. I started to look around the bottom and after about 20 minutes I finally saw a nice 2-1/4 inch Angustidens just waiting to be picked up...and it was colorful ! I plucked it off the bottom and saw it was whole ! It ended up being the find of this trip because we had to get going, but I can't wait to dive again...

1 available
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/21/2009

2-1/4 inch Angustidens
2-1/4 inch Angustidens(reverse)
The serrations on this tooth glow an orange/red color when held in the sunlight

Saturday dive in the Edisto River
Saturday dive in the Edisto River
In the River again....
In the River again....
The mystery tooth revealed.
The mystery tooth revealed.





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