December 5, 2021  
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Finally back under water

I was able to go diving today after almost a month of hunting on dry land. I had high expectations, and as far as quantity goes, I met it. Its always easier to find a bunch of teeth underwater than on land. But I really didn't find any quality of quality either dive. The find that saved the day was the bottle - always a cool thing to come up with. On the downside, though, some of my gear bit the dust. On my second dive, I got my dive bag stuck on a branch and it ripped a giant hole in it. Since I didn't find anything nice on the first dive, I didn't empty my bag out before my second dive and I had to worry about stuff falling out. So I went into "dive salvage" mode and came up with a decent scheme. I ripped the hole even bigger and tied a knot into the bag so nothing would fall out. And it worked! I didn't lose anything and everything else I found stayed in the bag. I'll still have to buy a new bag, but when you're on the bottom of the river, all you can do is make the best of things. To top it off, my brand new dive belt is ripping apart at the seam. I'm gonna have to learn how to sew to salvage it. I'm not gonna go out and drop another $50 on a new one 3 months after I bought this one! I still had a great time, failing gear considered. For me diving is great anything I find anything. Coming back alive is always good, too!
Location Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/4/2004

Here's a closeup of the bottle. Its from the time of prohibition. The SC governor at the time declared bathtub gin and moonshine to be medicine so people could still get tanked legally. They even made up these handy bottles to store and distribute the sauce. You can plainly see the SC logo in the design, as well as SC Dispensary printed on the bottle.

Cooper River Keeper
Cooper River Keeper
The Fossil Divemaster
The Fossil Divemaster
Megalodon in the mist
Megalodon in the mist





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