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Matoakas good for something.

I'm Tony and this will be my 1st post. I do all my hunting in the bay area but do to the lack of a camera I can only post certain trips.

On this day I went alone down to a place called Matoaka Cabins. I had been there before and if your the type of person who likes to comb the beach for fossils...STAY HOME. Or go somewhere else. To be productive at this location you have to get dirty. Digging in falls is one of my favorite hunting methods. Although sometimes hard work with nothing to show for. You can find some interesting things. I've unfortunitly to date have still not found a Meg there but there will be other days. Anyway. I had found a few teeth in the surf, nothing impressive. Whale verts seem to be more common here then most other places in MD.

Anyway I was on my way back to the car and I was playing around with a large chunk of matrix that was almost at the waters edge due to a large fall. I took my rake and struck the matrix for the thousanth time of the day and a piece falls off. It originally looked like an odd bone but as I took a closer look I could see the rows of plates.

There you go my 1st cruching plate. wohoo.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added9/17/2007


Sweet Megalodon from Chesapeake Bay!
Sweet Megalodon from Chesapeake Bay!
My first skull..From trip on 4-4-07 and 4-6-07  By obsessed1
My first skull..From trip on 4-4-07 and 4-6-07 By obsessed1
family fossiling trip
family fossiling trip





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