January 28, 2023  
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The luck of the waves

This post is from a little while ago. I went to my favorite beach and was lucky enough to be first. I found only some small worn teeth while walking down the mile or so to the end of accessible beach. On the way back up I passed 4 other collectors. Just after passing the last of them and being almost all the way back to the beginning I found a really nice Mako and then only a few steps further I saw the tip of a root sticking up out of the gravel. I knew it wasn’t a shark tooth right away. I slowly pulled it up and saw some enamel but then saw the tip was missing. This was my first Squalodon tooth so even with the tip being gone I was still jumping with joy. I couldn't leave now  I just had to work my way back down one more time and good thing I did. On the next pass I found another Mako, a cow with complete root and a porpoise tooth. So even being behind 4 other collectors you can still find nice teeth. It’s all in the luck of the waves!!

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added9/22/2007

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