November 19, 2017  
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love the smell of coprolite in the morning

i got to bring home a bunch of nice stuff like a new car!!!! The boat ran perfect again and made it to the beach with no problems. Just feet from the boat i find a meg in the water. I really wanted to stay but had a good feeling about going down the beach. After 2miles of walking i found.......well nothing. The most common find were the broken hemis. My dad already found a few nice hemis, a worn meg, and a small dolphin tooth. He heads way down the beach and i stayed around the boat, bad choice, the flies were everywhere and they ate me alive!!!! I learn later that there were no flies where my father went. So i look down next to the boat and find a broken sperm whale tooth. Then the largest hemi, a few steps more and i find a broken meg, and then all in one section of gravel i find 3 pieces of coprolite!!!!! My dad comes and shows me what he found. Seems he did good down the beach, he found a squalodon root, a huge dolphin tooth and this really odd mammal bone. Any ideas on that?

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added8/17/2008


Associated Megs???
Associated Megs???
Unknown Fish? Fossil from Calvert Cliffs, MD
Unknown Fish? Fossil from Calvert Cliffs, MD
Half Off Surf and Turf!!
Half Off Surf and Turf!!





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