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Nothing else to do on a saturday morning.

Woke up late and met obsessed down at the beach. The tide was coming in pretty strong by the time we started walking. The good kind of incoming tide. The kind that as its coming in lifts all the lighter sediment off the shell lines on the beach first. Leaving behind all the heavier things. This only lasts for a little while and then the conditions just plain suck. Obsessed and I saw a nice mako at the same time and he let me have it….what a nice guy. Later we split up in different directions. I came back with 5 nice makos. 1 7/8---1 ¾---1 ½---and 2 that were 1 1/4 . The largest one had an unfortunate busted root on one side.

Found a ton of other teeth for only being on the beach for 3 hours.  A meg about ¾ of an inch. And two other fragments about an inch long.  A sweet hemi about 1 1/8.  

Ill be at the beach tomorrow until 11:00 or so then I’m going to my first MGS meeting in Bowie. Hope to see you all there.!  Ill be wearing my Black River Fossils shirt
Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added1/19/2008

the tiny megs
the haul

Sometimes it pays to stick close to home ...
Sometimes it pays to stick close to home ...
Calvert Cliffs Fossil Hunt Feb. 6 2006
Calvert Cliffs Fossil Hunt Feb. 6 2006
Finally - One to Keep!
Finally - One to Keep!





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