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teasers from the bay....And a miracle

Sunday: February 3, 2008……..

  Mark and I walked up the beach a few times. I found 2 meg fragments out in the water. The largest would have been a beautiful 2 ¾ upper. The tip of another meg probably from a 3- 3 ¼ lower. Some makos and some hemis. The tide came in a lot during high but the water was very clear and extremely calm.  Made for good collecting…pretty too.

NE’s going to win the super bowl SHOCKER.


Ok and here the mysterious other meg that in the blog at the end of my pictures. To make a long story short I found the smaller side back in November. December rolled along and I looked at Gary Kellers collection. I told him I had a tooth that looked offly similar to the broken one he had……So basically 2 months rolled by and yesterday we met at a CMMFC meeting. He gave me the meg to take home and it fits perfectly!!! Same tooth!

I lent him the baleen jaw I dug out to glue it together for me but I just might make a permanent donation since I have such a nice COMPLETE 2 7/8 megalodon now.


Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added2/3/2008

the catch
awesome. Gary have fun with the new Jaw.

my dad
my dad's drought is over





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