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OPEN YOUR EYES and see the light/tooth

No body answered the call for kayaking this morning, so it was just Bob and I. Early morning.  There was already one woman on the beach who claimed she didn’t find to much…..I don’t know if I believe that.  But I did pretty well. Just started out combing the beach and nothing to nice except some hemi’s.  I’m pretty sure I found my first turtle beak. If that’s what you call it.

I left Bob to venture way down farther then Ive ever gone before and that’s when I saw a pretty little blue meg sitting right there. Lucky me.  I also forget to mentune that on my way up the beach I stopped to look at a boulder that was in the water. I noticed a little piece of bone sticking out but didn’t have anything other then a rake on me so I made a few marks to remind me where it was and went on my way.  So we were about to leave and I said to bob “let me go check out that bone I found”.  We both went up to the boulder stared it in the face and picked at it for about 3 seconds and then I said HOLY $H!&…….the first time examining the bone I failed to see the blade of a megalodon sticking out about and inch….Roughly 3 inches away from the bone.  How blind can you be I asked myself.  It ends up being a gorgeous 2.25 with a perfect tip! A little nick in the side but beautiful.

We went to another beach really fast on our way back. It looked like about 10 people had walked ahead of us with 3 of them still there. After about 30 minutes I picked up the 3rd meg of the day sitting half buried surrounded by footprints.

Pretty good day

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added3/9/2008

doesnt get any sharper then this.
the meg on the left came out of the boulder the other to were floaters. a tiny alopias. Some nice hemis. and a sweet upper cow.+ 2 dolphin teeth.

A first from the bay for me
A first from the bay for me
The luck of the waves
The luck of the waves
Old trip from february.
Old trip from february.





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