September 30, 2022  
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Drenching Averted!

I found myself with a free evening, so I loaded up the bike and headed out to Superpit. I decided to park in a different spot, though, so the bike ride in would be a little longer but a lot easier. Well, pretty much as soon as I got in the pit, a wicked thunderstorm blew in. The thunder was deafening and the lightning was flashing a little too closely for comfort. I got back on my bike and pedaled my way back to the truck. I was almost there when I started to feel mist on my face. I looked down the road a little and I saw a wall of rain approaching. I quickly threw my bike and shovel in the back and jumped in as the rain started to fall heavily. I drove out to Top Secret during the storm, and by the time I was there it had stopped raining. I had to park a lot further away than I would have liked, though, because of the rain. No matter, I would just ride a little further. Wrong! The sand on the road was wet, so my tires were sinking. If you've ever had to ride through wet sand, you know how awful it is. 1 mile and 20 minutes later, I limped into the pit as I tried to work the charlie horses out of my legs. Immediately I noticed how much smaller the pit was since my last visit. It won't be too much longer before the whole place is filled in and they have to dig somewhere else :-). With the decreasing size, though, they've been flattening the piles. They biggest one was just done today, I figured, as it had barely eroded even with the heavy rain. I excitedly walked the muddy mess hoping to see a meg poking out, but I never did. I did see the track hoe poised at the back of the pit, though, and I hoped that it was a portent of events to come.
Location Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/6/2003


Quick stop at Top Secret
Quick stop at Top Secret





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