January 19, 2018  
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Boating woes

Once again my pal da f0ssZ braved the gators, snakes, bugs, and raging current to liberate fossils from the Edisto River. This is how the story was told to me. df went with a dude from his office. they hit the water in the morning and drove around the river until they found a suitable place to dive. They were a few miles away and they hit a chunk of limestone in a shallow part. It snapped the shaft of the motor. Yup. The most harsh punishment the river can dish out without killing you. They went ahead and dived there and found a few decent teeth. You can see some of the nicer angys in the first photo. The second photo is the gem he found. Must have just rinsed out of the layer to be that crisp! Peep the serrations! The last photo is a hunk of whale tooth that coulda been. They dove their dives and then headed back to the landing. They had to pull the boat the whole way! I'd say they EARNED their teeth that day.

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added9/16/2002

The find of the day - a beautiful little angustidens tooth.
A chunk of whale tooth

Last Dive of 2009
Last Dive of 2009
Crappy loot from the Edisto
Crappy loot from the Edisto
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Diving a different river...





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