January 27, 2022  
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Another lunchtime fossil hunt

Something must be going on because its early August and the high temperature today was only 85, and the humidity was like 37%. For coastal South Carolina at this time of year, that's unheard of. I had no choice but to hunt teeth at lunch. So for an hour, I went out to the pond and walked the edges. I didn't find anything spectacular, but I did ok. Lots of lamp teeth (that's what I call the small perfect teeth. I have this clear glass lamp and my goal is to fill it with perfect small teeth. Its about 3/4 full right now.) I did find a couple decent smaller angustidens, too. I heard its supposed to be nice tomorrow, too, so I might have to go back.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/7/2002


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