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Lafarge Fossil Hunt April 21, 2007

I got up early Saturday morning to hunt Lafarge for teeth of the Eocene Giant White Shark Carcharocles auriculatus. Many other collectors had the same idea on what turned out to be a gorgeous SC spring day - sunny and 70 degrees. Fellow brfc'ers da fossz, t$, rivrdigr, and bigredmeg also made the trip to the limestone quarry to try their shovels. 

A heavy rain had just fallen two days prior, so the normally footprint dotted landscape was pristine for the plundering. I hardly saw another footprint until the end of the day, but true to experience, the auriculatus teeth were few and far between. I found shamers within the first 15 minutes, then nothing else for at least 2 hours. At the end of the day I found 4 beaters. I did my share of digging, but I concentrated more on surface collecting because of the recent rains. All the hunters I met who had good finds said they dug them out, and I didn't see any really big teeth this time until the end of the day when BigRedMeg showed us the tooth that inspired his alias BigRedMeg!

I brought home a bucket of rich Green Cap for micro hunting, so maybe there will be something cool to post from it. I got some chunks big enough to hold a 5 inch auriculatus!

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/23/2007

A good haul, but everything was broken!
I was very hopeful when I saw this auriculatus, but I soon learned that its tip was crushed millions of years ago. Its a cool photo, though, with the mako sitting right next to it.

Lafarge the 3rd Saturday of April
Lafarge the 3rd Saturday of April
Maybe I
Maybe I'll sleep in a little longer next time.
Auriculatus Sweep
Auriculatus Sweep





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