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Auriculatus Sweep

The second ‘07 hunt at LaFarge was set for this Saturday and boy was I primed. We had two good rains a few days before the dig so I envisioned my fossil bag laden with rics. I actually arrived on-time for the first time in about 5 years and the news was we could park near the active mining area. I shimmied out of my truck and hit the open pit to find nice overburden spread-out in a small area. All the collectors ransacked this spot but I managed to find a small ric lying on the top of the limestone. Those rics are true blue, baby. I found several I. precursors as well. I hunted for about an hour there and then tooled over to the older spoils piles. There were only a handful of collectors there, and soon DW, Rivrdigr and myself were sweeping the hills. It was like mine sweeping for teeth; the “carcharocles sweep”. For about two hours we hunted with little to show but Eocene makos and some shamers. We trudged back to the active mining area and I decided to hunt the Santee limestone for cow shark teeth and the possible isolated ric. Not much luck, so I dug for about 30 minutes. I scored a few makos here and a large blade that crumbled. After a sigh, I headed back to the truck with RivrDigr. There was a mud-hole with green cap in the middle so I checked it out; only to find an archeocete insicor laying out. It’s a little worn but a decent specimen and I was overjoyed to bag that one. Oh yea, RivrDigr was within 10 feet of me so I had find something nice !!!! See you cats next week !!!!!

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added4/25/2007

A decent haul for LaFarge and nice variety of fossils.

Lafarge the 3rd Saturday of April
Lafarge the 3rd Saturday of April
Maybe I
Maybe I'll sleep in a little longer next time.
3" Zygorhiza kochii
3" Zygorhiza kochii
1-1/2" C. Auriculatus
1-1/2" C. Auriculatus
Lafarge Fossil Hunt April 21, 2007
Lafarge Fossil Hunt April 21, 2007





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