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Lafarge the 3rd Saturday of April

After  the previous weeks screw up , I was hoping to go in and rack in the rics. I arrived pretty early at Lafarge but dw and t$ were already there .  Df  and brm showed up shortly there after. We headed in the mine a different direction this time to a new area. Everyone started searching the new area but I decided to hit the old area, I knew it had alot of rain the week before and no one was over there. I was the first one over to the old side , I thought for sure there would be some rics just freshly eroded out. I was over there for at least an hour before I seen anyone, then I saw two people coming over the hill, of course it was dw and df. I hunted that side for the rest of hte day, everythng I found was either broken or missing the tip. I'll be back in July.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/3/2007

Some nice teeth with alot of feeding damage
This was the ground shot of biggest tooth
I had to glued this one , it was in 3 pieces

Maybe I
Maybe I'll sleep in a little longer next time.
Auriculatus Sweep
Auriculatus Sweep
Lafarge Fossil Hunt April 21, 2007
Lafarge Fossil Hunt April 21, 2007





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