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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Well, I got the lawn mowed yesterday and by wife blessed a mid-week fossil hunt. I floundered a bit on where I should go, and when I finally left it was already 6:15. I originally was going to Top Secret, but mid-trip, I remembered about the Spot that Should Not Be. I had my trusty camera, and I knew I needed to take pictures of that place for the site, so I changed my plans and went there. They had done a bunch since the last time I was here. There were new piles all over the place, so I had to move fast. I was picking up teeth everywhere and the light was fading fast. I came across a meg on a pedestal and knew I should have come out here earlier, but rather than lamenting my slothful preparation, I carefully picked it up and continued my trek across the piles. By the time I reached the back of the development, it was dark and I could barely see where I was walking, much less any fossils. I carefully made my way back to the truck in the dark and I was home by 9. It was a great way to split up the week. I was getting antsy to hunt - da f0ssZ is coming down again this weekend again for his first shot at Top Secret. t$ is going, too, and I imagine tha duDe will, too.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/27/2003

There are nice colors on the teeth at this place. You can see a few shamer angustidens in the pic, too. Today I confirmed the presence of Chandler Bridge at this spot. Its a light brown color - I've never seen it that color anywhere before. There could be some really great angys found out there soon.

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Cold hunts in Summerville S.C
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