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The shark tooth killing spree

I hit the new megalodon glory hole again tonite, and its entirely different than the other day when da f0ssZ and I left it. I let a few others in on it and they have worked it over big time. Its not often we get a blank check to dig. I worked a lot harder for these teeth, but I was still able to pull two nice ones out before sunset. Until the crews get back in and do some work on this spot, its going to be tough to find anything else as every other diggable spot is covered by a minimum of 6 feet of overburdern. Mark my words, though, I will be watching this spot!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/17/2004

This is a huge proportion of megalodon teeth when compared to the total number of teeth I found today.

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My First Tropical Storm Fossil Hunt
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