January 27, 2022  
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Shark Tooth hunting equals time well spent

I've got a lull between projects at work so I took today off to go hunt. I didn't really know where I was going to hunt, I just knew I was going to dig something up somewhere. I scooped up Indiana and headed off to the pit that da f0ssZ and I plundered a month ago. We chose wisely, because the dude on the tractor was the only one there and he was draining the last side of the pond where there was untouched layer left. It was all below the water level until today. I decended upon the pit like a ravenous jackel. Immediately I hit bone. I just knew that a nice tooth was down there somewhere so I peeled back the nearly vertical edges. For four hours in the blazing April South Carolina sun, we labored in vain. Finally, 15 minutes before we left I found a megalodon tooth. I was SO relieved that my hunt did not end unfavorably. Poor Indiana, though, was not so lucky. Next time its his turn. Unless, that is, its my turn again :-)
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/23/2004


6/24/2006 Fossil Hunting trip to Dorchester County, SC
6/24/2006 Fossil Hunting trip to Dorchester County, SC
I could have had a V8
I could have had a V8
RIP Old New Pond
RIP Old New Pond





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