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Beekleman's first BRFC post

Here are several photos of my findings from a location in Summerville. Every bucket of gravel contained at least one Angustidens tooth. Man are they a common site in Summerville. You can see the largest of Snaggletooth sharks tooth was .75". Found many Mako teeth too. The Isurus Desori (Mako) in the close up shot has great colors, it is my favorite but the Angustidens tooth next to the quarter was the best tooth, only one serration missing but otherwise perfect. Also found many Tiger sharks teeth and sand shark and under the Makos you can see asmall Baracuda tooth- I think?. All in all not bad for 3.5 hours. I found a whale inner ear bone in the cluttered photo and above it, some kind of vertibrae (whale?). Under the vertibrae, you can see two steincorn type shell fossils, not the most common type of clam fossil because it is cast from the inside and lacks details. I find a lot of them with these Oligocene sharks teeth- very cool. And 2 Equs teeth. I love this spot, but still haven't found a tooth the size of my hand.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/15/2006


Lafarge trip slow start.
Lafarge trip slow start.
fossiling 4th of July by svillej
fossiling 4th of July by svillej
Summerville hunt to end the day
Summerville hunt to end the day





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