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I could have had a V8

Not much to report today. The digging was ok, but my boys and I just ran out of light before we ran out of layer. Too bad all the teeth were broken. The big megalodon was a shame. I dug it out carefully only to find it broken. Its all part of the game.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/22/2006

I did bring the camera today. tha weEzling was pretty worn out from the dig, but he still found a few teeth.
I told tha boy that mud was deep, but he didn't listen. I sunk in that stuff to my waist earlier. Its a good thing he didn't keep walking forward.

Lights... Camera... Megalodon Action!!!
Lights... Camera... Megalodon Action!!!
Master of the low country
Master of the low country
the rest of the pics from 3 day fossil hunt
the rest of the pics from 3 day fossil hunt





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