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Down the street for some teeth

It rained pretty hard yesterday for a few minutes so tha weEzlinG and I decided to take a few hours out of our busy schedules to walk down to the ditch near my house. Its a 10 minute walk for some great colored fossils. I had these ultrasonic mosquito repellant keychain things that we took with us to keep the bugs off of us. By the time we got to the ditch, we recognized that he had lost his somewhere in transit. We decided he should keep close, but we could still hunt. Someone had beaten us to the spot, but we still found some nice stuff. The white and blue angustidens is my son's best find at this ditch so far. And the report of the ultra-sonic mosquito keychains? They work! I had a sphere of mosquitos around me the whole time we were there. tha weEzling got eaten alize anytime he left my protective sound bubble. On the walk home we found his keychain just in time to not need it anymore.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/3/2006


First to hunt teeth after the deluge
First to hunt teeth after the deluge
Song of the Serrated Siren
Song of the Serrated Siren
Digging for more shark teeth - I can never have enough
Digging for more shark teeth - I can never have enough





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