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Diggin with Roy

Roy from the NY Times Fossil club came to town to find some SC teeth, so I took him to a couple of spots - the big ditch and the forbidden pond. The big ditch was a bust. I guess it had just been picked over this week since the big rain last weekend. So we tried our luck at the forbidden, next. They hadn't done any digging in 2 days, but that didn't stop us from wailing away at the walls for like 5 hours. We didn't find any killers, but it was still fun. There has to be more giant teeth in there somewhere!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/8/2002


Another fossil spot bites the dust
Another fossil spot bites the dust
Last call at the Junkyard
Last call at the Junkyard
Raiding the local ditches
Raiding the local ditches





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