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A short venture into Typhoid Creek

aka Greens Mill Run. With the seemingly endless heat we've had this summer, I've been pretty much hibernating, but I had a few hrs last Friday, and we were at a balmy 90, so I figured I'd dart up to G-vegas to see what I could find. After about 2 hrs of sweating in places I didin't know I could sweat in, and swatting mosquitoes, I gave up. There was the usual haul of glass, metal, rocks, cans and a metric ton of weathered whalebone, but I did find a couple keepers: Two nice S. pristodontis and a large fish tooth. Is this a big Enchodus (1.75 in) or a Xiphactinus? Honestly, the Cretaceous is not my forte.
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added8/24/2007

A pair of sweet Squalicorax pristodontis. They're about an inch wide.
Enchodus or Xiphactinus?

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