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North Carolina River Diving

A good friend of mine from the beach wanted to take a customer of hers fossil diving to return a favor. They drove up from Beaufort and we hit the river. The first spot didn't pan out as no fossil bed was exposed. The second spot was much better. Dive 1 produced a 6" tooth (a little enamel peel on the lingual side) and a few smaller teeth. Unfortunately it was all beginners luck as I only found a whale tooth. Dive 2 was more successful for me (I wanted the other two to follow the fossil bed on the first dive while I "prospected" for new territory). My notable finds were: a ray scute (first in that spot for me), an almost perfect anterior meg (3.5"), a bigger shamer meg (5.5"), a piece of shark cartilage, and some smaller beat up megs and makos. I ended up giving most of my other teeth to the newbie so I only brought home a handful.
Location Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added6/12/2006

The days catch

Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Back to the river ("It
Back to the river ("It's On Like Donkey Kong")
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!





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