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North Carolina River Diving

A good friend of mine from the beach wanted to take a customer of hers fossil diving to return a favor. They drove up from Beaufort and we hit the river. The first spot didn't pan out as no fossil bed was exposed. The second spot was much better. Dive 1 produced a 6" tooth (a little enamel peel on the lingual side) and a few smaller teeth. Unfortunately it was all beginners luck as I only found a whale tooth. Dive 2 was more successful for me (I wanted the other two to follow the fossil bed on the first dive while I "prospected" for new territory). My notable finds were: a ray scute (first in that spot for me), an almost perfect anterior meg (3.5"), a bigger shamer meg (5.5"), a piece of shark cartilage, and some smaller beat up megs and makos. I ended up giving most of my other teeth to the newbie so I only brought home a handful.
Location Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added6/12/2006

The days catch

Back to the river ("It
Back to the river ("It's On Like Donkey Kong")
Give me 30 more minutes...
Give me 30 more minutes...
A Day of First and Second
A Day of First and Second





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