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Give me 30 more minutes...

After being out of town for an extended period I had the itch to go fossil diving. Made the necessary last minute call to a "fossil friend" and off we went. Hit one spot for a half hour with no luck and decided to move down stream a little bit. Dived for an hour and had some decent luck, found mostly worn auriculatus teeth in a traditional Yorktown bed. At the end of the dive I started to find better pockets of bed so I eased to the side and told my buddy we needed to give it another 30 minutes. No sooner did I navigate back to the bed I picked up a decent hastalis and I knew it was going to get better. Saw the side of a meg sitting upright in the sand/gravel said a little fossil prayer and out popped the just-shy of 4" meg. The 30 minutes didn't last long as I jumped from pocket to pocket scooping up the scattered teeth. My buddy didn't find anything whole so I called him over and took him out to the bed that was producing. He ended up with some smaller makos and partials, which is a good start since he is really just getting the hang of river diving.
Location Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added8/12/2006

The day's catch
Just-shy of 4" meg cleaned up

A Day of First and Second
A Day of First and Second
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!





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