January 28, 2023  
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A day in the river beats... well, most anything!

Went back to the river yesterday. After the huge volume of water dumped my mother nature recently I had high hopes. I could only dredge 1 "fossil friend" who was able to dive so we headed off first thing Sunday morning. After stopping for the ritualistic Bojangles breakfast we made our first dive just before 10:30am. We worked several spots with little luck even though more bed had been exposed. Our last spot was one that held HUGE potential (namely a 5" heart shaped intermediate upper I found last year). The sand and muck had covered all but a little bed by the end of last summer. My friend descended and found a 5" tooth within 5 minutes (a little root damage, but otherwise beautiful). I landed in mako city. Eventually I came across an awesome 4" tooth. After 3.5 hours of diving we had found what we came for. Other notables include a complete atlas vert not shown, 2 possible pieces of amber-like material, and a whale bone with deep feeding scars.
Location Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added7/23/2006

Check out the gouges in the bone, there must be 7 or 8 deep cuts. Its a really cool bone.

Been Busy Diving in the Ocean
Been Busy Diving in the Ocean
Finally back in the river again
Finally back in the river again
Into the Deep...
Into the Deep...





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