December 17, 2017  
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A day in the river beats... well, most anything!

Went back to the river yesterday. After the huge volume of water dumped my mother nature recently I had high hopes. I could only dredge 1 "fossil friend" who was able to dive so we headed off first thing Sunday morning. After stopping for the ritualistic Bojangles breakfast we made our first dive just before 10:30am. We worked several spots with little luck even though more bed had been exposed. Our last spot was one that held HUGE potential (namely a 5" heart shaped intermediate upper I found last year). The sand and muck had covered all but a little bed by the end of last summer. My friend descended and found a 5" tooth within 5 minutes (a little root damage, but otherwise beautiful). I landed in mako city. Eventually I came across an awesome 4" tooth. After 3.5 hours of diving we had found what we came for. Other notables include a complete atlas vert not shown, 2 possible pieces of amber-like material, and a whale bone with deep feeding scars.
Location Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added7/23/2006

Check out the gouges in the bone, there must be 7 or 8 deep cuts. Its a really cool bone.

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A Day of First and Second
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Scubapaul Came to Town!
Scubapaul Came to Town!





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