January 16, 2018  
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The Stakes are Set, MSHA Training Complete

Saturday morning all the volunteer guides met at the AFM Education Center to complete the mandatory MSHA annual refresher training. Following the refresher portion it was decided to put the boundary stakes in the collecting area. We donned our steel-toed boots/hardhats and boarded the bus. Since the mining operation has moved a considerable distance the trip to the ramp was interesting. Clyde outlined the boundary and off we went. After the stakes were set we had a little time to acquaint ourselves with the area. The collecting area is (right now) only a few hills away from the draglines. Rain is going to be necessary to erode some of the newer hills, but overall the area seems to be very promising. Highlights include a 3.5" chubutensis, several cuviers, a whale tooth, and a couple makos.
Location Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina, USA

Date Added2/10/2007

Look closely at the blade of the chub. Can you see the "face"?

Onward Carcharocles Soldiers
Onward Carcharocles Soldiers
Christmas in March
Christmas in March





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