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second chances

I decided to give this Cretaceous spot a second chance this weekend. It was very close to another spot which had been fairly good but for some reason when I checked it the first time this summer nothing turned up even though it looked promising. But on its second chance the teeth started to show immediately and some were in beautiful condition. I dug twice for about 8 hours and this is most of the haul. The most interesting find was the Xiphactinus (tarpon) vert, a fairly common fish find if this were Kansas, but for NJ its a pretty neat find.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added12/27/2007

Scapanorhynchus texanus
Squalicorax pristodontus & Squalicorax kaupi
Cretolamna appendiculata, Archaeolamna kopingensis, Paranomotodon angustidens
Carcharias samhammeri, Carcharias holmdelensis, Odontaspis aculeatus
various stuff
Xiphactinus audax (tarpon) vertebra

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My Sign to Start Posting
sometimes "potential" is more exciting than anything
sometimes "potential" is more exciting than anything
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