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mid january swim

Saturday toofsnob made the call, we were gonna try site X. The conditions weren't going to be optimal due to recent rains, but the weather was too nice to pass up, a sweltering 50F and sunny. We were basically swimming but at least we weren't freezing to death. My day started off pretty good, got a decent small chub in my first screen, but I knew it was just a lucky start. I switched to another area and later with the help of Snag-A-Tooth moved a large obstacle that helped me get into where I wanted to. I quickly realized why I abandoned this area long ago during the summer... theres just nothing there. But it was very easy to dig there on this day. I filled screens with what should have been great stuff in no time at all. But they mostly ended up being blanks. I pushed on, knowing that there had to be something good down there, and eventually I found those few things. The quantity of common teeth was really pathetic for the long day of digging and amount of material I went through, but I ended up getting a couple nice teeth; a 2.25" chub, 2" eocene mako, and a 2" Striatolamia macrota. The newly obsessed Snag-A-tooth's help paid off for him also by finding a 2.25" mako just laying out fully exposed. Toofsnob worked real hard all day digging in a real pain in the a** spot and did alright for himself too. He managed to get his 4th peccary tooth and an absolutely flawless eocene Hexanchid tooth, among other things.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added1/15/2008


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