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Boot Full 'o' Fossils

My daughter and I headed back to the spot that produced the nice Cretaceous finds a couple of weeks ago. The weather was cold, but sunny with no wind. She wore her new hip boots with the specific instructions not to go in above her ankles, which isn’t too prohibitive considering even the deepest holes on the stream are only up to her waist (and those are few and far between). I loaded, then washed the first screen full of gravel and Juli picked out an awesome goblin shark upper lateral tooth, while I scored a large crow shark tooth - what a start! After about another 4 or 5 screen loads, Juli went to find her zip-lock tooth bag but couldn’t locate it anywhere. The gravel bar we were on was fairly small and free of debris - after searching for 10 minutes we were convinced it must have somehow fallen into the stream. Juli was really upset, and I felt really sorry for her seeing as she lost such a nice tooth, but we decided to stay positive and look forward to the next great find. About 30 minutes had passed, and while I was loading up the screen I heard a splash from Juli trying to regain her balance from a mis-step: she took 4 or 5 additional steps trying to recover her balance and finally, over she went. The water was only about up to her knee, but once she put her arm down to catch herself, both her boots filled right up(do dry-suits come in kid sizes?). I pulled out the blanket I had in my backpack along with a new set of clothes so we could get her warm and dry as quickly as possible. As I pulled her left hip boot off, what pops out but her missing zip-lock of teeth - the bag somehow fell into the top of the boot! The discovery of the teeth lightened the moment as she warmed up. Not even considering that she would want to stay, I started packing up, to which she responded she would like to scan a couple more screen loads. We searched through 4 more screen loads and upon Juli finding a really nice 1 1/4" goblin anterior, we decided to call it a day.
Location Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

Date Added11/27/2005

Off to a great start!
This is the well preserved underside of a crab. The mouth can be seen at top center.
One of the claw sockets at the left side.
A large piece of a Cretaceous turtle shell.

all or nothing
all or nothing
mid january swim
mid january swim
frozen waders
frozen waders





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