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Peace Be With You

DW shot me an email letting me know that he, DF, and T$ were heading to Florida. He said they were gonna spend some time working the Peace, so I quickly responded saying that GwOman and myself would be down for a fossil fest. We left Club Greg early in the AM, drove the two hours to the landing, and met at the river at 7:45. We quickly loaded up the canoes, and headed to a spot up stream. There were only two canoes, and to get us all up there, RiverDigger needed to make two trips. We appreciated the fosspitality. Once we arrived at the spot, we started sifting like there was no tomorrow. We worked that gravel like a rented mule. The finds came quickly and continued all day. After seven hours of work we were all spent and slowly retreated from the gravel-laden battle field. Collectively, hundreds of megs were found, with at least 30 being keepers. Unfortunately, GwOman and I couldn't take part in the second day on the Peace, but we scored some great finds on the first day. Our shark finds are pictured below.
Location Peace River, Florida, USA

Date Added4/30/2006


Hard life.
Hard life.
A Horse Tale
A Horse Tale
shiver me timbers
shiver me timbers





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