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A good trip in more ways than one

Last weekend the strong northeast winds on the bay upset are plans to take the boat down along calvert cliffs,so we decided to try the Potomac instead.We headed along the cliffs stopping at several Nanjemoy formations.At the first stop I found a small miocene tiger shark mixed in with the older teeth. It seems that there are some sections of calvert formation overlying the Nanjemoy.The fallen trees and large gravel made spotting teeth hard.After three stops,we had only found a dozen teeth ,most under an inch.While trying to step past a fallen tree , I fell face down onto the beach.Just inches from my face was a strange serrated white stone.No not a stone but a three inch meg miles from where I expected to find one.Tripping turned out to be good luck. I would never spotted the meg without falling down.This is by the biggest Potomac tooth we have by far.
Location Potomac River, Maryland, USA

Date Added4/9/2008

natural crystal

I am a moron third times a charm.
I am a moron third times a charm.
Last few trips to the Potomac
Last few trips to the Potomac
Where's the teeth reposted photos





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