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Shark Tooth Hill Fossil Shark Tooth Dig : October 1, 2005

Just got back from STH with Scubapaul and of course it was awesome. The first day I was digging completely by myself in one of Diggerdaddy's quarries and I was in fossil heaven. This is were good little diggers go when they die! My best find was a 2 1/2 upper Hastalis side by side in matrix with a seal tooth canine. The perfect predator and prey combo. Matrix pieces are easily my most favorite. The next two days Scubapaul and I dug in another one of Diggerdaddy's quarries with a group of about 50 people. I know it sounds crowded but there was layer enough for anyone willing to dig. The first day was a story of large tan/orange color hastalis. The next day I was in Cream Colored Planus heaven!!! I found over 50 of these beautiful 1 to 2 inch teeth. The photo has a 2" Hastalis in the upper left, a 1 1/2" Planus in the upper right and a honker of a 2 1/2" honker o! n the bottom. I'm going back in early December and I can't wait!
Location Sharktooth Hill, Bakersfield, California, USA

Date Added10/1/2005


STH Dig Dec 4th
STH Dig Dec 4th
There's teeth in them there hills!
STH Dig Dec 3rd
STH Dig Dec 3rd





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