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Micro Collection   Andalusia, Alabama, USA
Here are some pictures of my micro collection. Not all are “micros” but I put them in this post because I wanted all the pictures to look alike. :) I’m going to use common names to keep it simple. This represents countless hours of sifting thru about 10 gallons of rinsed and dried material from my favorite local creek with a LED light and dental pick. DW created this awesome section in the forum called "Micro Fossils." You should check it out if you are interested in trading materia...
A promise finally made good...   Andalusia, Alabama, USA
I’ve been promising this trip report for about a year now… so, enjoy! These are some of the teeth/fossils I’ve found during many trips to my favorite local creek. I’ve learned that Andalusia is not the only place to find fossils around here… :) This is just a portion of some of the things I’ve found. Notice how well preserved these teeth are!! I’m still learning the identity of some of these fossils, so if you can help out with an ID or notice that I mislabeled some then please let me know an...
Back to LA (lower Alabama).   Andalusia, Alabama, USA
After seeing Govinn's fine Auriculatus, I got the urge to go sharks teeth hunting. So, on May 26, I headed south toward the Connecah River. Actually on the 26th I canoed down the Sepulga River to check out a spot that a fisherman told me about. This turned out to be a bust. I only found one (1) tooth and it looked like it had rolled in the river for ever. That night I camped out in the Connecah National Forist. The next day I went to my regular fossil hunting spot on the Connecah River. ...
Into the Wilds of South Alabama   Andalusia, Alabama, USA
On Saturday, July 18, we headed down to the Conecuh River to hunt for the wiley Auriculatus. We arrived at the river at approximately 12:00 and dug and sifted until 5:00. One (1) excelent Auriculatus tooth was found (not by me). I did find two (2) large Striatolamia macrota teeth (in the 2" range) and a number smaller teeth. All in all it was a great trip....
Back to Alabama   Andalusia, Alabama, USA
Well, its been about a year since my last Alabama trip and I've had many dreams of heading back there, literally. I didn't get much time here last November, but this time I planned for a week long dig in the early Eocene deposits of southern Alabama. This is a site with a lot of digging and sifting the material you dig out of a rather extensive fossil bearing layer. My girlfriend and I set out to really move some dirt. We moved so much dirt that even Ditchweezil would've been proud! We en...
A good mistake!   Andalusia, Alabama, USA
Last week I posted a trip concerning the discovery of a new echinoid. The location was Berkeley County, SC. As usual, I goofed up, and the location was listed under Andalusia, Alabama. The Ditchweezil came to my rescue again and it's now back in South Carolina where it belongs. But not before I received an Email from "Foshunter". He's a collector from Florida who was going to be in Andalusia collecting that weekend. He said he would be on the lookout for some of the odd echinoids. I Emailed him...
Texans make a stop in Alabama to do some hunting   Andalusia, Alabama, USA
The well traveled Texas fossil hunters did make a stop in Alabama at a reasonably well known Eocene site. None of us had ever hunted in Alabama so it was a new and interesting experience. We managed to find the site just fine, although we were a bit nervous about going into it because there was some fencing with a sign attached that said "Authorized persons only" and we weren't quite sure we qualified as 'authorized' at the time. But I went on in and met up with a couple of local guys and the...






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