February 6, 2023  
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There are too fossils in Myrtle Beach...Fat Boy!   Horry County, South Carolina, USA
Taking off from my Florida post(http://www.blackriverfossils.org/USA/Florida/CharlotteCounty/tabid/53/TripReports/4095/Default.aspx) I attempted to fly back to my homeland of CT by my friends' private jet (air Ed). If I only knew...... Everything was set as we flew off from Ft. Lauderdale to land at our midpoint of Myrtle Beach, SC. to refuel and eat Lunch. After an hour and a half, we board the plane. As I buckle, our pilot calls to me, "We got a problem, Andrew help me over here!&qu...
Myrtle Beach Sept 16-20th   Horry County, South Carolina, USA
We hadn't taken a vacation in like 4 years so we got a chance a couple weeks ago. So as soon as I knew we were going I started to get my gear together. I knew that people were going to be asking alot of what you digging for gold and curious as to wh I'm the onl person with baskets and a shovel. My daily routine would be to get up between 5-6 am and walk before anyone would get out and it paid off with my first fresh white tooth. I must have had over 100 people ask me what I was looking for. I ev...
Myrtle Beach 8/8 - 8/16   Horry County, South Carolina, USA

While many believe that Myrtle Beach is just a place for finding pretty shells, my family and I have been going to MB each August for our annual vacation since 1998, and hunting the beach for shark’s teeth is the main part of each of my days. The past 2 or 3 years, the hunting has gotten notably worse, though, so we were happy to learn that another beach replenishment was scheduled for September 2008. According to a friend of mine who stays there, this time---- instead of dredging withi...







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