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My first skull..From trip on 4-4-07 and 4-6-07 By obsessed1

      I was able to leave work early so I figured I would run down to the cliffs for a quick look around. I didn't find much on the way down the beach just the normal small stuff and with the rather large waves didn't figure to do much better on the way back. But then I saw some bone in a block of clay. I took a better look and realised that this was at least part of a skull. The tide was on the way back in and I wasn't going to be able to get it out today so I covered it with clay blocks said a little prayer to the fossil gods and left.

       When I returned two days later all the blocks I had placed had been washed around. I slowly removed them hopeing the skull hadn't been washed away. Finally there it was, it was still there! I plaster jacketed it and took it home. It turned out to be part of a porpoise skull. It is has lots of cracks but I am glad to have just found it. 

 Good Hunting ...  obsessed1

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added8/4/2007

Skull in clay block as I found it
This is the top of the skull after I was able to get it cleaned up

Another Cow Symphyseal
Another Cow Symphyseal
I Love Hunting...
I Love Hunting...
mammal jaw!
mammal jaw!





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